Call For Papers: Special Issue in the Journal of Structural Biology on RNA Structural Challenges, Modeling, and Design

The heightened appreciation for the central role of RNA molecules in all cellular processes — from catalysis to control of gene expression to cellular differentiation — combined with the practical applications of synthetic RNAs in biomedicine and biomolecular engineering has raised new challenges regarding RNA structure analysis, prediction, and design to both experimental and theoretical scientists. These challenges have produced many innovative approaches, including interdisciplinary efforts, to analyze, predict, simulate, and design RNA molecules. While many successes have been reported, progress in the field has been hampered by limited experimental resolution and an incomplete understanding of RNA tertiary structure, especially for large RNAs.

Though RNA structure is believed to be hierarchical, the difficult problem of understanding and predicting its tertiary structure from its primary, as well as secondary, structure remains unsolved in general.

We welcome contributions from scientists working to advance the field on both the genomic and molecular levels of RNA using novel experimental, mathematical, statistical, and computational approaches.

Submit your original research or review paper in this area.  To be included in this dedicated issue authors should submit directly to the journal, indicating in their cover letter that they are submitting to the special issue entitled “RNA structural challenges, modeling and design”.  In addition, be sure to add the following short title: “RNA Structure Modeling”.  All submissions will be guest edited by Tamar Schlick and Anna Pyle.  All papers will be published online as soon as they are redacted and will be fully citeable.  Manuscript Submission Window: Aug.1 to Nov. 30, 2018