Beth Tran: 2018 RNA Society Lifetime Service Award

We are pleased to announce that Beth Tran has been awarded the RNA Society’s 2018 Lifetime Service Award.

Beth Tran is the youngest member of the Society to have been awarded the Service award.  Some of us feel we have ‘watched her grow up’ within the Society.  She has worked at various levels for and within the RNA Society since about 2006.  Beth was one of the first post-doc representatives and helped to create what is now known as the Junior Scientist group within our Society.  She assisted Lynne Maquat with the first ‘RNA Society Women in Science’ forum (which eventually morphed into the Science and Society seminar) and has helped to organize the mentoring lunches.  Most recently Beth was voted onto the RNA Society Board of Directors, just completing her 2-year term last month.  We expect the Society will continue to benefit from Beth’s contributions of time and energy!

Beth is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Purdue University (West Layfayette, Indiana, USA) with research interests in the biochemical mechanisms and biological functions of DEAD-box RNA helicases. Her laboratory is most well-known for studies of the DEAD-box RNA helicase Dbp2 from S. cerevisiae and insights into the roles of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in gene expression.

We hope you will join us in congratulating her for her many achievements. We invite you to join us at RNA 2018 in Berkeley, California, where she will receive the award.