Translating Translation: From Basic Mechanisms to Molecular Medicine – 38th Blankenese Conference

This conference will explore key findings about basic mechanisms of translation, their relevance to human disease, and how this knowledge can best be translated to the clinic. Leading scientists focused on basic molecular mechanisms of mRNA translation will be brought together with those who study diseases where effects on translation are prominent. A major goal of the conference will be to foster discussions between these groups. The interdisciplinary character of cutting edge research in translation mechanisms and disease applications, coupled with the intimate setting for which Blankenese Conferences are renowned will provide a perfect forum for advanced scientific exchange in these interconnected areas.

Specific topics will include

  • Signaling pathways controlling translation in health and disease
  • Cis elements and RNA-binding proteins in mRNA-specific translational control
  • Contribution of translation to synaptic functions and neurological disorders
  • Non-canonical translation (including circular RNAs and RAN translation)
  • RNA modifications and specialized ribosomes in cancer and other diseases

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We intend to provide a few stipends to support PhD students and scientists early in their career. Applicants should send a letter via email stating the reasons for their request (

Registration and Abstract deadline: February 23, 2018