The 4th Annual Symposium on RNA Science and Its Applications

*The RNA Institute, University at Albany Event*,

The 4th Annual Symposium on RNA Science and Its Applications is a full day of scientific presentations with a poster session and awards on Friday, March 17, 2017.

Additionally, The RNA Institute is providing 3 concurrent hands-on workshops on March 16, 2017 where participants can analyze their own samples! (NOTE:  Epitranscriptome workshop begins at 4pm on March 15, 2017).
Keynote Speakers & Session Topics:
Session 1:
mRNA Therapeutics: Processing and Targeting
Keynote:  Melissa J. Moore
Chair:  Eric Sontheimer

Session 2:  RNA Trafficking, Signaling, and Imaging
Keynote:  Maria Barna, PhD
Chair:  Tom Gingeras

Session 3:  lncRNAs and Therapeutic Applications
Keynote:  Jeanne B. Lawrence

Session 4:  RNA Structure Informs Function
Keynote:  Tom Steitz
Chair:  Marlene Belfort

Workshop Topics:
Epitranscriptome analysis of RNA modifications at attomole level
, presented by Dr. Maria Basanta-Sanchez, instructs participants how to prepare RNA samples for identifying RNA modifications using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LCMS). In addition participants will learn how to operate LCMS instrumentation for RNA modification quantification and how to process the data for analysis.  You are welcome to bring your own sample for analysis.  Contact Dr. Basanta-Sanchez for sample requirements.

microRNA detection using nanoswitch technology, presented by Dr. Kenneth Halvorsen, instructs participants how to detect microRNA using DNA nanoswitches and standard gel electrophoresis. Participants will learn how to prepare, purify, and use the nanoswitches, and how to analyze the data. Please contact Dr. Halvorsen directly if you are interested in using your own microRNA sample in the workshop.

RNA Dynamics: Structural Modeling Through Simulation Workshop, presented by Drs. Paul Whitford, Alan Chen, and Sri Ranganathan