RNA UK 2020

We are happy to invite you to attend RNA UK 2020, a bi-yearly meeting organized by the UK RNA community. The meeting covers all aspects of RNA biology, including but not limited to RNA metabolism, RNA-protein interactions, translation, RNA localization, RNA quality control, ncRNAs and RNA and disease and aims to promote cooperation and exchange of ideas within the UK RNA community.

The meeting has a particular focus on the development of junior researchers. Talks and posters will be allocated by selecting Abstracts from the submitted ones and a number of bursaries are available. Registration and Abstract submission will open on September 1st 2019 and close on November 15 2019.

For more details please see the meeting website at https://www.rnauk2020.org/.

For specific queries please contact the organisers, Andres Ramos, Eugene Makeyev and Rocio Martinez Nunez at rnauk2020@nullgmail.com