RNA: From Biology to Drug Discovery

Please join us for the inaugural “RNA: From Biology to Drug Discovery” symposium organized by Professor Matthew Disney. This meeting will provide an opportunity for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty to hear and engage with world-class scientists in the field of RNA therapeutics. The speaker lineup includes such experts as Robert Batey (University of Colorado at Boulder), M.G. Finn (Georgia Tech University), David Mathews (University of Rochester Medical Center), Eric Wang (University of Florida), Dale Boger (The Scripps Research Institute), Katrin Karbstein (The Scripps Research Institute), Lynne Maquat (University of Rochester Medical Center), Michael Zuker (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and Leonard Petrucelli (Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville).

The symposium will be held in the Rodney B. Fink Auditorium of the Jupiter, Florida campus located in Palm Beach County, and it will include a lunchtime poster session to which all symposium registrants are welcome to submit an abstract.

For more details or to register for the symposium, please visit www.scripps.edu/RNA-day/
For specific queries, please contact Kathleen O’Brien at kobrien@nullscripps.edu or (561) 228-2240.