RNA Biology Symposium 2019

Welcome to RNA Biology Symposium 2019, October 3 – 4

We are excited to host our 5th annual RNA Biology Symposium by the RNA Biology Centre of CSI Singapore, NUS. This year’s symposium will be held at the NUS, Clinical Research Centre (MD11) Auditorium (3 Research Link, Singapore 117602).

RNA biology has emerged as one of the most influential areas in modern biology and translational medicine. The discovery of numerous new classes of RNAs and their function in a wide spectrum of biological processes has revolutionized molecular biology and has profound implications for clinical sciences. Key areas of current research include the identification of functions for various classes of RNAs, the elucidation of RNA biogenesis and structure, the cross-talk between RNA classes and processes, establishing the role of RNA in disease, and the exploration of RNA-based- and RNA-targeted therapies. This symposium brings together internationally renowned experts in the field of RNA Biology, with the focus on: RNA editing & splicing, Non-coding RNA, RNA viruses, RNA Platforms & Technologies, Epitranscriptomics, and Transcription & Translational Control.

The two-day conference encompasses a slate of keynote speakers including Adrian R. Krainer (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA) and Juan Valcárcel (ICREA and Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain) as well as talks from Javier Caceres, Jeff Coller, Fátima Gebauer, Rotem Karni, Yael Mandel-Gutfreund, Maayan Salton and many more. In addition, there will also be selected talks from the submitted abstracts, a poster exhibition, and an award ceremony for outstanding posters. The awards for the outstanding posters are supported by the Singapore RNA Biology Alliance and the RNA society.

Please join us in this wonderful celebration of fascinating science!

Dates to remember
29 May 2019 – Abstract Submission Open

29 May 2019 – Online Registration Open

31 July 2019 – Abstract Submission Closes

Late August 2019 – Review of Abstracts and Acceptance Notification

20 September 2019 – Online Registration Closes

03–04 October 2019 – 5th RNA Biology Symposium