Post-Transcriptional RNA Processing: Surveys, Mechanisms and Disease

The 2018 GRS theme is “Post-Transcriptional RNA Processing: Surveys, Mechanisms and Disease.” The seminar will cover RNA-related work from large-scale surveys involving genome-wide techniques, mechanistic studies in post-transcriptional regulation as well as work on post-transcriptional gene regulation in disease. Trainees working on these and other aspects of RNA-mediated gene regulation are invited to submit an abstract describing their unpublished work. Approximately 10 research talks will be chosen from abstract submissions. In addition, a poster session will enable all participants to present their research and receive valuable feedback from their peers. The overall goal of the GRS is to create a relaxed, inclusive and trainee-focused environment to facilitate the scientific and career development of seminar attendees.

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by June 16, 2018. Although applications will be accepted until the date noted above, any applicants who wish to be considered for an oral presentation should submit their application by April 14, 2018.

More details including registration are available at the website: 

Conference organizers:
Daniel I. Dominguez (MIT)
Boxuan Zhao (Stanford University)