Keystone Symposia: RNA-Protein Interactions

Scientific Organizers: Xiang-Dong Fu, Anne Ephrussi and Douglas L. Black

This conference will address some long-standing problems as well as emerging paradigms in the field of RNA research. It will bring together leaders in RNA research to: 1) Brainstorm around novel concepts; 2) Share new technology developments; and 3) Explore new disease mechanisms. The conference will be highly mechanism-oriented, rather than centering on a specific biological process or disease theme, which will bring together scientists across multiple fields. Since individual regulatory RNAs must enlist specific RBPs to execute their biological functions, coupling the conference with another on “Long Noncoding RNAs: From Molecular Mechanism to Functional Genetics” will thus present a cohesive theme focused on RNA biology and medicine.

Short Talks will be chosen from abstracts submitted by the abstract deadline and posters are accepted until six weeks before the symposium start date.

Please visit our website to view the full meeting program including invited speakers and deadlines for scholarship application, abstract submission and registration.