Keystone Symposia: Protein Replacement through Nucleic Acid Therapies

Scientific Organizers: Pad Chivukula, Melissa J. Moore and Jean Bennett

Protein replacement therapy based on recombinant protein has so far been limited to genetic diseases in which the mutated protein acts extracellularly. Nucleic acid therapies such as gene therapy and messenger RNA enable replacement of intracellular proteins, or extracellular proteins too complex to manufacture. This opens the potential to treat many previously unapproachable diseases. After early setbacks in gene therapy, a new generation of therapeutics is showing progress in the clinic. This conference brings these communities together to discuss common challenges and complementarities, providing an opportunity for cross-fertilization.

Short Talks will be chosen from abstracts submitted by the abstract deadline and posters are accepted until six weeks before the symposium start date.

Please visit our website to view the full meeting program including invited speakers and deadlines for scholarship application, abstract submission and registration.