Keystone Symposia: Long Noncoding RNAs – From Molecular Mechanism to Functional Genetics

Scientific Organizers: Saba Valadkhan and Piero Carninci

Although emerging evidence points to the critical importance of the long noncoding transcriptome in human physiology and pathology, the clinical potential of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) as therapeutic and prognostic targets remain largely unexplored. This conference aims to: 1) Communicate the latest available technologies and developing methodologies for lncRNA functional genetics; 2) Promote collaborations and new research directions to bridge the already thriving lncRNA mechanistic and basic research to the clinical need for novel, effective diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets; 3) Contribute to attracting the attention of biotech and pharmaceutical industry and clinically-oriented funding agencies to the lncRNA field; and 4) Integrate lncRNA research into other biological fields through the joint pairing with the conference on “RNA-Protein Interactions.”

Short Talks will be chosen from abstracts submitted by the abstract deadline and posters are accepted until six weeks before the symposium start date.

Please visit our website to view the full meeting program including invited speakers and deadlines for scholarship application, abstract submission and registration.