Fusion Conferences: 6th Nucleic Acids

Scientific Organisers: David Lilley (University of Dundee) and Wei Yang (National Institutes of Health).

Understanding processes involving DNA and RNA at the molecular and chemical level is the central theme of this conference, with a marked structural and mechanistic perspective. The meeting will provide a platform for researchers to discover and discuss the latest advances in the field of nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, with exciting opportunities to share and receive feedback on unpublished data.

Discussion topics will include;

  • DNA replication
  • DNA repair
  • DNA recombination
  • RNA structure and function
  • Translation and the ribosome
  • Silencing
  • CRISPR/Cas and genome editing
  • Gene regulation and riboswitches
  • RNA catalysis

Registration closes on 14th December 2018 and poster submissions are still being considered until 10th December 2018.

Please visit https://www.fusion-conferences.com/conference87.php to view the programme and for further information such as student opportunities.