“From DNA to RNA Synthesis, Processing and Cancer”

This scientific meeting will mark the retirement of Professor Jean Beggs, CBE, FRS after 48 years in research. This meeting brings an outstanding programme of eminent scientists with whom Jean has worked, and some former members of her laboratory, to present their recent research on topics that will be of interest to many molecular and cell biologists and geneticists.

Jean Beggs (University of Edinburgh, UK)
David Glover (University of Cambridge, UK)
Steve Jackson (Gurdon Institute, Cambridge, UK)
Joanna Kufel (University of Warsaw, Poland)
David Lane (A*STAR Singapore)
Reinhard Luhrmann (MPI, Gottingen, Germany)
Isabella Maudlin (University of Oxford, UK)
Karla Neugebauer (Yale School of Medicine, USA)
Martin Reijns (IGMM, Edinburgh)
Emanuela Sani (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Joan Steitz (HHMI, Yale School of Medicine, USA)
David Tollervey (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Registration is essential. There is a small registration fee to cover catering costs. The RNA Society has provided sponsorship to support attendance by junior scientists – 20 places are available free to students studying any area of RNA biology (see registration page).

For more information and registration go to http://beggs.bio.ed.ac.uk/content/home