FASEB-sponsored Machines on Genes

This FASEB SRC will unite scientists pushing the boundaries of our molecular understanding of the nucleic acid transactions that facilitate life. Information encoded in RNA and DNA is accessed, maintained, decoded and degraded by a staggering number of proteins, protein/DNA, and protein/RNA complexes that catalyze specific fundamental enzymatic reactions which drive nucleic acid transactions— not limited to, but including key cellular processes such as DNA replication and repair, recombination, transposition, transcription, translation and epigenetic gene regulation. These protein and RNA machines are impacted in varying disease states, and can be exploited for therapeutic advantage including using CRIPSR gene editing technologies.  The use of emerging biophysical methodologies such as small-angle X-ray scattering and single-molecule spectroscopy/microscopy, cryo electron microscopy, and chemical biology has opened new doors to exploration of nucleic acid metabolism. This meeting will highlight exciting efforts underway to decipher the anatomy, architecture and mechanisms of these protein and protein-nucleic acid machines in order to understand how they recognize, engage, and manipulate the structure of DNA and RNA.

Keynote lectures will be given by Eva Nogales (UC Berkley/HHMI) and Xiadong Zhang (Imperial College).

We highly encourage student, postdoctoral trainees, and young investigators to attend, and will encourage their attendance with student and postdoc travel scholarships. A large number of oral presentations will also be selected from the abstracts. Additional organized “meet the experts” panel discussions will help junior colleagues navigate various topics related to their careers and women in science.

Please visit www.faseb.org/src/micro/Site/MachinesonGenes/Home.aspx for additional information or contact the meeting Organizers: Katrin Karbstein (Scripps Florida), Jens Michaelis (University of Ulm) or Scott Williams (NIEHS).