EMBO workshop: RNA structure meets function

Organizers: Gonçalo Castelo-Branco (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden), Claudia Kutter (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden), Katja Petzold (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden), Alessandra Villa (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden)

The aim of the EMBO Workshop is to promote scientific exchange and synergies across the fields of RNA structure and RNA function, by gathering leading, established and upcoming scientists. The meeting will be a moment for discussion on the most recent advances in these areas and cutting-edge technologies. Topics: Structural RNA biology, Function of non-coding RNAs, Large RNA complexes, RNA and chromatin, RNA dynamics, Translational regulation by RNA, RNA modifications.

Keynote and invited speakers: Jeannie Lee (US), Thomas Cech (US), Alan Chen (US), Alexey Amunts (SE), Andrea Hinas (SE), Anna Pyle (US), Asifa Akhtar (DE),Claire Rougeulle (FR), David Rueda (UK), Elena Conti (SE), Frédéric Allain (FR), Igor Ulitsky (IS), Irene Bozzoni (IT), John Rinn (US), Karissa Sanbonmatsu (US), Lois Pollack (US), Michael Sattler (DE), Michaela Frye (UK), Nynke Dekker (NL), Phillip Bevilacqua (US), Rob Martiensson (US), Stefanie Dimmeler (DE), Stepanka Vanacova (CZ), Tony Kouzarides (UK)

The workshop will feature talks from invited speakers, as well as short talks selected from submitted abstracts, a poster session and activities to promote discussion and interaction between the participants.

Registration deadline: 1 March 2018 – Abstract submission deadline: 1 March 2018.  Further details, including complete program and registration can be found here: http://meetings.embo.org/event/18-rna