Bermuda Principles – Impact on Splicing 2017

The 2017 Bermuda Principles Impact on Splicing Conference will take place on February 28- March 3, 2017 at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel in the exotic holiday island of Bermuda. We are offering an exciting conference where the venue serves as the meeting space and accommodation ( This conference is acknowledging the 20th anniversary of the Bermuda Principles, a document created in Bermuda exactly 21 years ago that stated that all gene sequences would be made public in order to further scientific progress in all fields. Such data sharing has indeed advanced scientific research, including the field of splicing.

We hope to evoke a similar atmosphere by sharing our latest splicing research in this conference for the advancement of the field. We encourage young, middle and late career researchers to attend and participate, intending that this gathering will foster fruitful collaborations, inspire novel approaches to tackle existing problems and promote the great work that is going on in the field. Come and enjoy sunshine and seven exciting sessions of splicing.

We are glad to announce that with the support of the RNA Society we are able to offer travel fellowships for early-career researchers (PhD and post-docs) for those who otherwise would not be able to attend the meeting for financial reasons.
If you travel in groups of 3 or more, we can provide a 10% group discount on each registration fee. Please email for details.

Carika Weldon
(De Montfort University)
Ian Eperon (University of Leicester)
Cyril Dominguez (University of Leicester)
Isabelle Behm-Ansmant (CNRS-University of Lorraine)

Invited speakers
Benoit Chabot, University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Stéphane Richard, McGill University, Canada
Benjamin Blencowe, University of Toronto, Canada
Melissa Moore, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Edauardo Eyras, Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, Spain
Jamal Tazi, Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier, France
Jon Staley, University of Chicago, USA
Andrew Newman, MRC-LMB, University of Cambridge, UK

Sessions topics

  • RNA structure
  • Mechanisms of splicing
  • Splicing and disease
  • Link to transcription
  • Structures: big and small
  • Bioinformatics
  • Therapeutics

Travel fellowships: December 15, 2016 (ADT)
Abstract submission: January 5, 2017 (ADT)
Registration: January 5, 2017 (ADT)