8th Annual Conference: RNA Therapeutics

SMi Group announces the return of its 8th annual RNA Therapeutics conference to London on the 22nd – 23rd of February 2017. Technology in RNA interference, oligonucleotides and mRNA has revolutionised the way infectious disease, cancer and neurological disorders are treated. It is now possible to target previously ‘un-druggable’ sites, therefore expanding the range of therapeutics that selectively silence genes before the disease develops.

AstraZeneca has added another $140 million to its $1.2 billion investment into Moderna Therapeutics’ mRNA technology*. Consequently continued collaboration between pharmaceutical giants and innovative biotechnology companies, has created considerable funding and buzz around RNA research.

The main challenge in RNA therapeutics continues to be the delivery of RNA based drugs to target sites outside the liver. Join us in exploring the different delivery systems in use and in development such as transportation with nanoparticles and the ability to enhance drug stability.

We will be reviewing clinical trial updates in RNA- based therapeutics and discussing the current regulations involved in getting drug approval. Learn about the main developments currently shaping the industry and how best to tackle challenges facing RNA therapeutics.

Register here: http://www.smi-online.co.uk/pharmaceuticals/uk/rna-therapeutics/booknow