6th Annual RNA Symposium – The Language of RNA in Disease and Development

The RNA Institute’s 6th Annual RNA Symposium is entitled The Language of RNA in Disease and Development. It brings together scientific experts, students and industry professionals who conduct basic, applied and translational research in RNA. This year’s meeting highlights multidisciplinary work being done in and around RNA science. Topics will include RNA modifications, Toxic RNA, RNA structure, RNA chemistry, RNA phase transition, and non-coding RNA.

The RNA Symposium provides a forum for faculty, students and industry representatives to present their findings and network with colleagues. It has attracted Nobel Laureates, as well as National Academy Members, distinguished Howard Hughes Medical Institute Principal Investigators, renowned university professors, industry scientists and medical doctors, among others from around the world.

The 2019 Symposium includes talks from Craig Mello, Eliezer Calo, Matt Disney, Wendy Gilbert, Eric Kool, Cara Pager, Gisela Storz, Charles Thornton, and Elçin Ünal, as well as presentations by faculty, postdocs, and students. Please join us for this exciting event!

Optional Hands-on Workshops Include:
Nanoswitch-mediated detection of micro-RNAs
Gradient Fractionation
RNA Simulations
Sequencing Technologies

Registration open and Abstracts are due January, 25. 

Details can be found at https://www.rna.albany.edu/6th-annual-rna-symposium/