3rd Meeting of the RNA Society of Sweden

The overall aim of the “3rd Meeting of the RNA Society of Sweden” is to promote scientific exchange and synergies in the field of RNA research by getting together leading established and upcoming scientists to discuss novel concepts, share the latest cutting-edge technology developments, and explore new disease mechanisms. This conference will encompass the most exciting areas in RNA research, including but not limited to: 1) Noncoding RNAs; 2) Dynamic RNA modifications and /epitranscriptomics; 3) Chemical and structural aspects of RNA; 4) RNA in development and disease; 5) Splicing and RNPs; 6) tRNA and its modifications; 7) RNA location and translation; 8) RNA biogenesis and processing; and 9) Emerging and high-throughput technologies.

The three-day meeting will include invited talks on recent discoveries from senior and young faculties, short talks based on the selection from the abstracts submitted, and posters by Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral fellows. We welcome every scientist working on any aspects of RNA.

Please visit our website http://swedishrnasocietymeeting.se to view the full meeting program including invited speakers and registration.

Important dates:

30th June   –   Abstract submission and early bird deadline
1st September   –   Selection of abstract for oral presentation (email notification)
15th September   –   Registration closes