21st Annual Rustbelt RNA Meeting

The Rustbelt RNA Meeting (RRM) brings together more than 300 scientists from the Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic United States and Canadian provinces each October to share and discuss RNA-related research.  The central mission of the RRM is to provide career development opportunities for junior scientists (undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs) through a variety of mechanisms.  Nearly all talks and the majority of posters during this intensive 1.5-day conference are presented by trainees, who also benefit from exposure to new and exciting research findings in the areas of RNA biology and chemistry as well as networking opportunities with peers and senior scientists.  Themed platform sessions cover such diverse topics as non-coding RNAs and RNA-mediated regulation; synthesis, processing and turnover of mRNA; ribosome assembly and translational control; and catalytic mechanisms of ribozymes and RNA-protein complexes.

This year’s Keynote Speaker is Professor Adrian Krainer (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), who received the 2019 Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize for his outstanding contributions to the field of RNA splicing in human disease and ASO-based therapeutics.  The 2019 meeting will also feature two workshops aimed at trainees:  1) Dr. Mitchell O’Connell (University of Rochester), who studies programmable RNA cleavage, is organizing a session on RNA targeting using the CRISPR/Cas13 system; and 2) Professor Jo Ann Wise, an Executive Editor of Nucleic Acids Research, is organizing a session on manuscript preparation and publishing.

All trainees receive free room and board and the $99 registration fee is also waived for students and postdocs from under-represented minority groups.  For additional details and to register for the meeting, please visit our website: http://www.rustbeltrna.org.

Important dates:
19t August   –   Registration opens
20th September   –   Registration closes
1st October   –   Speakers selected from abstracts will be notified by e-mail