20th Annual RiboClub Meeting

RNA scientists in Sherbrooke have organized the 20th RiboClub Meeting to be held in Orford at Hotel Chéribourg (in the vicinity of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada).

The program includes conferences by Nobel laurates Phillip Sharp, Joachim Frank, Andrew Fire and Jack Szostak. Additional speakers include Joan Steitz, Adrian Krainer, Marvin Wickens, Chuan He, Erik Sontheimer, Katherine Borden, Victor Ambros, Brenda Bass, Michael McManus, Olivia Rissland, Lin He, Tsutomu Suzuki, Wendy Gilbert, Pierre Close, Susan Gottesman, Jörg Vogel, Lydia Contreras, Cynthia Sharma, Ben Blencowe, Benoit Chabot, David Bartel, Kathy Collins Claus Azzalin, Anton Petrov, Jörgen Kjems, Alena Shkumatava, Lingling Chen, Howard Chang, Marat Yusupov, Andrei Korostelev, Jamie Williamson, Dan Larson, Manny Ares, Eric Massé, Kiyoshi Nagai, Doug Black, Kristen Lynch, Reinhardt Lührmann, Lori Passmore, Torben Heick Jensen, Lynne Maquat, Jiangjun Chen, Daniel Stetson, Uttiya Basu, Karla Kirkegaard, John Mattick, Karla Neugebaeur, Roy Parker, Sherif Abou Elela, Mark Ashe, Ross Buchan, Graciela Boccaccio, David Matthews, Alan Lambowitz, Adrian Ferré-D’Amaré, Larry Gold.

 Sessions will include RNA silencing, decay and editing, non-coding RNAs, ribosomes and spliceosomes, RNA granules and bacterial RNA. Additional talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.

Registration and abstract deadline are until June 30, but late registration is accepted until September 2nd.

The RiboClub, in collaboration with the RNA Society, has set aside a limited amount of funds to provide travel fellowships for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who otherwise would not be able to attend the meeting for financial reasons. If you wish to apply for a fellowship, please fill the pdf form at our web site and send it as file attachment by email to fellowship@nullriboclub.org . The application needs to be submitted before June 10 and the results will be sent to applicants by the end of June.

Looking forward to welcoming you for this celebration of RNA science in Orford next September.

Benoit Chabot (for the organizing commmittee: Allan Jacobson, Robert Singer, Adrian Krainer, Françoise Stutz, Yukihide Tomari, Sandra Wolin, Sherif Abou Elela, Raymund Wellinger, Brendan Bell, François Bachand, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Michelle Scott, Eric Massé, Daniel Lafontaine, Martin Bisaillon)