14th Asia Epigenome Meeting (AEM) / 3rd Taipei Epigenetics and Chromatin Meeting

Scientific organisers: Li-Jung Juan (Academia Sinica, Taiwan ROC) and Tony Kouzarides (University of Cambridge, UK


The Asia Epigenome Meeting is an annual event that rotates in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan ROC​, Singapore and India. It is to engage world leading scientists and outstanding Asia researchers to promote Asia science in the field of epigenetics, in particular, epigenetic regulation in development and disease. The exciting three-day conference will discuss the cutting edge research of epigenetic mechanisms and epigenetic impact in embryonic development, cell differentiation and reprogramming, cancer, aging and neurodegenerative disease, etc. Prizes will be given to the top three posters.

Discussion topics:

  • Histone, RNA and DNA modification
  • Chromatin dynamics
  • X inactivation
  • Epigenetics and disease
  • Non-coding RNA
  • ​Epigenetics in embryo, stem cell and reprogramming

Registration deadlines:

Talk abstract and early bird deadline May 24

Poster abstract and standard registration deadline July 19

Late registration September 13.

Meeting website including link to registration: https://www.abcam.com/events/14th-asia-epigenome-meeting-aem-3rd-taipei-epigenetics-and-chromatin-meeting