2 postdoctoral positions (one RNA biologist, one bioinformatician) are available immediately at the Kwok Lab, Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong.  
Posted on September 9


Our research focus is to develop chemical and biochemical technologies to decipher the hidden layers of information in RNA such as RNA structures; identify the RNA binding partners and molecular basis of interactions; and elucidate the mechanistic roles of RNA in regulatory pathways, stress physiologies, cell differentiation, organism development, as well as disease pathology.

Research Themes
1) G-quadruplex structure and function
2) RNA biology and gene regulation
3) Aptamer and next generation sequencing methods development. 

Candidates with excellent computational skills in transcriptomics and related areas will be considered for the bioinformatician postdoc post. 

Candidates with excellent molecular biology, chemical biology, and/or biochemistry will be considered for the RNA biologist postdoc post.

Qualified candidates should have accomplished their Ph.D. degree and have strong written and spoken english.Candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter summarizing:

– A description of research accomplishments.
– Research interests in RNA and transcriptomics.
– Contact information for two references to: Chun Kit Kwok, Ph.D. [email protected]