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What membership offers

We welcome new members from all areas of scientific research and we look forward to sharing the new perspectives they bring to the Society. Students and Postdocs can become members for as little as $36, and faculty can become full members for $154.

Membership benefits include:

  • Print copies and web access to the Society journal, RNA.
  • Reduced costs for publishing in RNA. Members receive a 50% discount on page charges, 50% discount on the first color figure and the majority of proof correction charges are waived. Members have reduced open access fees.
  • The RNA Society Newsletter, a forum for disseminating information to members and discussing issues affecting the Society and RNA science.
  • Reduced registration fees (a savings of $175) for the annual meeting of the Society, a great conference for RNA scientists to discuss their work with a diverse community of researchers.
  • Numerous opportunities for junior scientists to become involved in the Society and awards for junior scientist members.
  • The Directory of Members, available online, including complete contact information for scientists working on RNA and additional information about the activities of the Society.
  • Free job postings on the Society website, a great opportunity to catch the attention of those interested in pursuing RNA research and for finding suitable candidates for your own employment opportunities.
  • Opportunities to request Travel Fellowship and Meeting Support for RNA-related meetings you are organizing.

Become a part of the RNA community. Join the RNA Society today.

Membership Dues

One Year Two Year Three Year
Online Only Print & Online Online Only Print & Online Online Only Print & Online
Full Member $154 $183 $283 $341 $412 $499
Student / Post Doc $36 $89 $65 $171 $95 $254

If you do not wish to use our secure online forms, please complete and download the “Member Application Form” that you can mail or fax to the business office.

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